Thursday, August 17, 2017

New and Improved Bill of Rights Adopted by Corporate Diversity Unlimited

1. Congress Shall Make No Law Abridging Freedom of Speech, Unless Said Speech is Offensive.

2. Freedom of Assembly is Guaranteed To All, Unless You Are Carrying A Tiki Torch, In Which Case You Shall Be Freely Assaulted By Justice Loving Mobs

3. All Citizens Shall Have the Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances, Unless They're The Wrong Grievances . . .

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

America’s Liberal & Conservative Nazis

When the National Socialists of Germany took power under the leadership of Hitler they had been inspired by American teachings of master race-ism and the suppression of a political opposition; Communists and Jews in Germany, later only communists in the USA. What was called America’s Great Depression was much worse in Germany where capital’s minority profiteers had reduced the working class to a status even lower than what was experienced here. That German triumph of a state capitalist form called fascism brought benefits to a majority who had suffered earlier, while inflicting enormous costs on some of those who had done well before, but inflicting little if any harm on the rich no matter what their politics or alleged racial differences.

While many rich Germans had to escape to safer havens because they were Jewish, great wealth in Germany did not suffer any loss of power and control since the economics on which they had been acquired did not change one bit. Only the administration over that market changed in a more fiercely controlled way in which munitions and war preparedness dominated as private profit creator of trickle-down-to-the-public survival wages.

Even then, there were many supporters of Hitler and fascism in the USA, among the wealthy, their hired professionals, and many suffering unemployment and poverty who were led to see a way out by supporting the strong control of a government allegedly representing them and not just the rich. This was only a joke to upper classes not subject to an uncontrolled marketplace reducing more humans to lower life with each passing day.

The New Deal in the USA that brought salvation to great numbers of people came about through a far more social democratic adjustment than was made in Germany, but the capitalist economics and rich minorities that ruled did not change in either country. Only the factions were different in practice of how best to exercise control of others, but the private profit motive as source of the beginning and end of all human endeavor remained supreme. Minor market controls initiated here brought living standards up for a great number of Americans but were not radically different from those exercised in more heavy-handed fashion which made life better for a near majority there. So-called minorities paid a heavy price, as always, under profit and loss rules which always come at great cost to many so that some few might benefit.

Germany practiced what America had not only preached, but done in its treatment of the original inhabitants of its “new” world, its imported slaves from Africa, and its generations of poor immigrants from Europe and Asia. The only thing unique about the Nazis in Germany was that they performed national brutality on other Europeans in ways previously not practiced, especially in denigrating them as members of other races and deserving of ethnic cleansing, expulsions and if necessary, death. During the war, America re-introduced its own form of such practice from its past by throwing Americans of Japanese descent into concentration camps, exactly as the Germans did with Jews. We can only imagine what might have happened to those Americans had the country been bombed or invaded, by Japan or Germany.

A struggle between liberal and conservative factions of capital’s subjects continues as the system’s very nature creates conditions that call for almost radical readjustments in political maneuvering so as to save the priorities of an ever more wealthy and smaller ruling group over an increasingly struggling population of the ruled. America is at a serious crossroads, perhaps the most serious yet, in dealing with the contradictions of capital that call for transforming it into a humane and democratic system, or in its continuity face total breakdown of the political, economic, social and environmental foundation of life. The event in Charlottesville, while played as something unique by mind managers, is just another sign of this breakdown and how little real difference there is between supporters and opponents of the status quo, with both being played as puppets by the forces of division which only maintain control by manipulating people into separate identity groups which make a needed democratic majority that much more difficult to achieve.

Since Trump’s election, established power has been conducting a full-scale assault on the public very much like what Nazis did in Germany upon assuming power. In Germany it became nearly impossible for an opposing view to be seen or heard as state suppression, under the tortured language and thought of fascist mind control, became the public choice supported by ever growing numbers reduced by mental bombardments of propaganda under the guise of news reporting and analysis. While these are different times and information sources among people have grown enormously with the electronic internet, these same sources also invite distortion and propaganda to reach more people more quickly than was possible in 1930s and 40s Germany. In fact, German Nazis might have wet themselves to have had so many outlets of gossip, trivia, insignificance and outright lies at their disposal to convince Germans that their neighbors were evil, corrupt, debased villains who deserved none of the rights that came with being a good German. Or a good American?

Welcome to Charlottesville, U.S.A.

A demonstration of what could be called extremist conservative supporters of capitalism was countered by a demonstration of what could be called extremist liberal supporters of capitalism and a citizen was killed, allegedly  assaulted by one of the conservatives. But this only after more liberal extremist types made it clear that the conservative extremist “others” exhibiting alleged nazi-like behavior were not as American as the liberals exhibiting worse behavior; suppressing publicly expressed opposition. The conservatives, some openly nazi but in the majority hardly so, were expressing their supposed rights in a supposedly democratic society of supposed freedom of expression, while the liberals, espousing freedom to suppress other viewpoints seen as dangerous, and thus practicing Nazism under another name, saw their birthright as being to attack the dangerous unbelievers or whatever the various propaganda schools might use as worst of names by which to reduce other humans.

This pattern is as old as american history but most recently has had an establishment supported re-birth in the time of Trump’s administration, a new low in american experience of brutal capitalist behavior unmasked from its usual leadership’s phony rhetorical flourishes about peace, justice and democracy while conducting wars on humanity under a dictatorship of the rich. Trump, a rich, egotistical, arrogant asshole who is thus overqualified to be president, is also a threat to that system because he is so openly representative of what America is, in reality, as opposed to the various fictional depictions force fed to decent and well meaning people of the extreme, central or moderate liberal-conservative persuasion. In other words, the mainstream that can be mobilized to demand toilets for transsexuals while thousands of its people live in the street, call for more bloody attacks on more nations for their daring to disobey their master race betters, or demand justice for refugees and immigrants whose status comes about because america destroys their nations and economies. Both sides of this capitalist coin can easily see themselves as defenders of all that is good and decent, while they play equal roles in supporting quite the opposite.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic loss of one life as a car rammed into a crowd, and until a court decides that this case was intentional and not a matter of accident based on panic or mental illness or drugs – the court of manipulated public opinion immediately joined in programmed uproars because Trump spoke of violence on both sides being a provocation. Despite overwhelming physical evidence to back this observation, Trump was accused, in the usual fashion, of being an exceptional liar, racist, xenophobe, misogynist, and other regularly used epithets to describe this example of all that is good and great in our democracy; incredible personal wealth, egomania, self centeredness, pampered, privileged behavior and other manifestations of belonging to earth’s foremost master race of self chosen people who support warfare, pet care, anti-racism, imperial bloodshed, equality and toilets for transsexuals, all with equal fervor.

The provocations that are bringing people closer to an open civil war, instead of the below the surface one that has been in process since the last one ended, are more dangerous than ever. The simplistic good vs. evil reductionism that identifies individuals or “identity” groups as the source of problems while we are treated as mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit so as to keep us from noticing the systemic root of most of those problems, can no longer be tolerated. As things get worse for a majority which can only save its “self” by unifying with others our rulers work more frantically to keep us divided. The situation of a vastly over-extended military empire in social debt for trillions of dollars, financed by tax payers whose personal debt is nearly as high, all based on fanatic fundamentalist faith in a market regulated by a deity called finance capital is nearing and may even be long past a disaster point.

Meanwhile, the fascist elements on both sides of the issue will be reduced to warring with each other, righteously convinced they represent the market deity, while the bankers issue more loans with imaginary funds and wonder where and how they can escape if and when people get wise. Religious people moved by faith in humanity need to join agnostics who feel the same way, before the righteous fanatics practicing Nazism under the guise of democracy destroy things for all of us while calling it political economic science. We need to stop the descent into fascism that is being helped by what passes for liberalism and conservatism, as long as those factions serve the cause of preserving the deadly global system of capitalism.

Alt Right, Alt-Left, Backward March!

In a touching display of concern for fair play for anarchists, liberals in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy are declaring their unanimous opinion that violent Antifa activists who clubbed participants in the Unite The Right rally there cannot be morally compared to neo-Nazis and KKK members.

To the extent that this is a response to President Trump's remarks at last night's press conference, one can only remark on the irrelevance of the claim. Trump in no way suggested such "moral equivalence." He reminded the rabid press corps that he had already explicitly condemned right-wing extremist violence, then went on to make the point that that did not excuse left-wing violence at Charlottesville, as it surely does not. Furthermore, Trump is also correct in saying that important factual matters are still being sorted out about that tragic night, so shrieking demands for categorical condemnation of only one side in the confrontation are premature and likely to perpetuate erroneous claims.

We've come to a pretty pass when a political baboon makes more sense than professional journalists paid to make rational judgments based on objective criteria. But - ho hum - this has been true for over two years now.

Here are some things rational people should want to know about Charlottesville with complete certainty: Who initiated the violence? What was the state of mind of the man who killed Heather Heyer? Was he on medications? What precipitated his lethal action? And why were the police unable or unwilling to keep the two violently opposed political groups physically separated? It's noteworthy that not one journalist asked President Trump even one of these questions last night. They were more interested in condemning "Nazism." How courageous.

At the moment, liberals want to hold "white supremacy" responsible for everything, as though that could possibly be a sufficient explanation of the horrifying tragedy.  But white supremacist groups have been around for a long time, and, as President Trump correctly pointed out, they include revered figures such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. And, he might have added, Teddy Roosevelt, whose white supremacist beliefs read like the worst of the Nazi archives. He's on Mt. Rushmore.

Trump did NOT equate the so-called alt-left and alt-right ideologically. He talked about how to apportion responsibility for the violence that erupted when the two opposed groups clashed. This is precisely what any president should be focused on in the wake of a tragedy that resulted in the death of a young woman.  And it should be the focus of the press corps, too, but unfortunately is not.

It is the job of the press to discover the relevant facts and rationally account for them, not engage in moral grandstanding about how "there is no room for extremism in American life," a dubious claim if there ever was one. Tell it to the remnants of dozens of Indian nations whose cultures and peoples were enthusiastically annihilated by white supremacy. When's the last article from the press on this ongoing genocidal tradition, enforced by every single U.S. president from Washington to Trump?

 The First Amendment does not say it's OK to club and mace demonstrators whose ideological convictions mirror the Founding Fathers,' but clash with the reigning establishment ideology of corporate multiculturalism. It says EVERYONE has the right to believe what they like and to lawfully petition the government for a redress of grievances. And nowhere in the Constitution does it say that people can be fired from their jobs and evicted from their apartments based on their political beliefs, as has already happened to participants in the Unite The Right demonstration in Charlottesville.

We do not need a ringing endorsement of phony multiculturalism from President Trump. We need a social revolution against a thoroughly corrupt establishment that has trashed the Constitution, eliminated any possibility of popular rule, and openly holds the American people in contempt. If we don't want that revolution led by neo-Nazis and Klansmen, let's stop promoting the toxic ideology of identity politics, which seeks to establish a "democratic" majority of victim groups ruling over a resentful white minority.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Day After Charlottesville: Listen Up Liberals!

Stop the identity politics parade, stop false charges of racism, stop the demeaning caricatures of blue collar workers, stop the meaningless blather about "hate," and START listening . . . We're not seeing a rebirth of the Confederacy; we're seeing frightened, insecure people who feel themselves pushed into a corner clinging to a reactionary self-image because in an era of corporate multiculturalism that by definition EXCLUDES THEM, there is no other identity available to them. After years of "diversity" propaganda giddily predicting the coming of a white minority governed by a victim majority, you now affect indignation at hearing loud chants of "You Will Not Replace Us!" by white nationalists.

Me thinks you doth protest too much.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blue Collar Heresies and the Election of Donald Trump

“ . . . I had a keen interest in how life feels to people on the right – that is, in the emotion that underlies politics. To understand their emotions, I had to imagine myself into their shoes. Trying this, I came upon their ‘deep story,’ a narrative as felt. (ix)
------Arlie Russell Hochschild, Strangers In Their Own Land – Anger and Mourning on the American Right

Arlie Russell Hochschild is a Berkeley sociologist who traveled to Louisiana to befriend Donald Trump supporters and learn directly why they felt and thought the way they did. She discovered that "empathy walls" prevented her (and us) from understanding people whose politics and world view differ from ours. As soon as we sense fundamental contradiction, we become indifferent or hostile to the other, in order not to feel human sympathy for someone whose ideas we find repugnant. Caricature and dismissal quickly follow, and insure that we never have to think. Hochschild sought to move beyond this trap and understand Trump supporters, without changing her beliefs

She quickly found the Trumpistas likeable. She appreciated their warm acceptance of a stranger from Berkeley (a Berkeley liberal is practically a communist in their view), and discovered that cooperation could extend beyond the personal: reducing the prison population was a common concern, as was cleaning up environmental contamination, a menace to us all. Nevertheless, a big gap persisted between advocates of New Deal ameliorative measures (like Hochschild) and Trump supporters who bristled at the very notion of a government "safety net." Only the military seemed to have a legitimate claim on taxpayer support.

Many of those whom Hochschild met prided themselves on having overcome serious obstacles without ever having depended on government aid, and they yearned for a self-reliant culture in which no one else would either. This led them to oppose government measures to protect the environment, avert global warming, and end homelessness, not necessarily because the ends weren't important, but because government - distant, stifling, and bureaucratic -  is the wrong instrument. Socialists take note: the Trumpistas felt that community is the right instrument.

In the contest between government and corporations, the populist right takes the side of corporations because they provide jobs. Without jobs one cannot survive, so preaching environmental safety via government regulation, without mentioning how workers will support themselves in a "green" economy, forfeits the support of right-wing populists who depend on corporate jobs. Since liberals and conservatives both condemn "production for use" rather than profit, it's difficult to see how they can be faulted on this score (no socialist opinion is allowed to reach mass audiences).  Furthermore, companies make money on behalf of stockholders, not the general public, so Trump supporters find it understandable that they try to "cover their ass" to avoid losses, whereas government is obligated to protect ordinary people, which it often fails to do, so it is held in contempt. 

Hochschild also found that Trump supporters believe that working to get what one wants is morally superior to qualifying for government aid based on competitive victimhood.  They feel that tax money is being "given away" to non-working, undeserving people, so that the "takers" are winning out over the "makers." The loss of "honor" in not having to earn one's keep offends them even more than the "waste" of spending taxpayer money on people who don't work. Being compensated for making a productive contribution to society is indispensable to them, so income without a chance to earn it strikes them as insulting.

Their lack of support for environmental values turns out to be more apparent than real. The real objection is not environmentalism per se, but the fact that government punishes the little guy rather than the source of the problem (the profit system itself). If your motorboat leaks a little gas in the river, you get fined; but when big business turns the whole ocean into an industrial toilet, government doesn't care. Liberals rarely note the double standard, preferring to make smug put-downs of "uneducated" workers for their "pro-pollution" stance.  (This kind of snobbery is far more important to them than keeping someone like Donald Trump out of the White House.) In any event, the Trumpistas told Hochschild that environmentalism has fallen into the hands of left-leaning government expansionists and do-nothing local officials, which, apart from the "left-leaning" qualification, has the ring of truth.

According to Trump supporters, Barack Obama committed treason to tradition by helping “line cutters” waiting to realize the American Dream. Black people, women, and immigrants were given a free pass ahead of more deserving working class whites politely waiting in line. These people are offended and angry about it, and hate the endless parade of complainers encouraged by a 1960s culture of merit-free “diversity.” On TV, working class whites are routinely portrayed as morons, aggravating the perceived injustices.

Working class whites want recognition for their accomplishments, not rewards meted out for victimhood. Their dilemma is how to get their fair share via the identity politics parade without perpetuating a victim culture they find offensive and counterproductive.  Worthy identities are “survivors” of cancer, rape, childhood sexual abuse, addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex workers, and so on. But there is little or no sympathy for working class whites:  “fairness” never takes up their cause. If you describe yourself as proudly “white,” you risk being seen as a neo-Nazi or worse. If you believe in God and the Bible it only confirms your poor education. If you admire those who make it to the top, you're considered a moron, though it remains unexplained why competitive striving for personal gain isn't better than mass parasitism on the government dole.  And however one chooses to present oneself, blue collar jobs and the way of life that goes with it continue to go extinct - literally. For the first time in American history a generation is dying younger than its parents, particularly working class whites. And as they struggle and die prematurely they are condemned for not sympathizing with blacks or Syrian refugees or immigrants. But who sympathizes with them? Trump was happy to benefit from saying that only he did.

Not surprisingly, Hochschild found that many southerners feel unfairly judged as “racist” by the North. Their understanding of that term pertains to people who refer to blacks as “niggers,” or who “hate blacks.”  Southern working class whites do not usually fit that description. But liberals tend to define the term as one who believes in a racial hierarchy, at the bottom of which are black people. White people are judged as worthy to the extent that they are far from that bottom. In other words, blacks are defined as victims, and those whites who are positioned slightly above them on the wealth pyramid are judged as failures since their white skin should have allowed them to do better. Furthermore, for holding a less inclusive and "sophisticated" definition of racism, one that does not include racially oppressive social structures, blue collar whites are condemned for being "stupid."

But the stupid ones are those who find it inexplicable that Donald Trump got elected president.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Philosophers: Just How Smart Are They?

"One major argument against objectivism in ethics is that people disagree deeply about right and wrong, and this disagreement extends to philosophers who cannot be accused of being ignorant or confused."

Huh?  Philosophers are rather typically ignorant and confused.  With access to, and free time to examine, all the treasures of life and thought, they come forth with little more than the trivially true, the obviously false, and the totally incomprehensible, and dress the stinking pile of garbage up as profound wisdom emanating from great thinkers.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What Threat?

Every twittish utterance from our *AIC is likely to get a full panic response from Imperial Control and its lapdogs in government and media and his latest blurtings about fire and damnation if North Korea were to attack is no different in essence, but worse in substance. While his dimness is to be expected, reactions from alleged liberals, progressives and much of what passes for an american left speaks for historically underprivileged mentalities that make Trump’s own formed-by-popular-media consciousness seem almost sophisticated.

All the blather about an alleged menace from North Korea, going so far as to make light weight tv comics even giddier than in their normal low level humor about the AIC, is blessed with all-american ignorance and master race-self chosen people arrogance when it leaves out the dreadful and murderous American attack on that nation back in the 1950s.

In what was called a “police action” to stop the potential menace of communism – a dread phenomena that, among other things, would have people fed even if they couldn’t afford to pay for the food – the U.S.A., along with a token force called the United Nations, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of North Koreans, destroyed cities, towns, villages, farmlands, water supplies, manufacturing facilities and generally reduced the nation to near under-developed poverty, all the while preaching democracy, humanitarian values and peace for all the world.

Like a pimp lecturing on love, this party line never met and still does not meet the test of material reality, but minority control of almost all information flow and possibly the most under-developed consciousness level among any people in the history of consciousness has brought us to a current predicament in which people depicted as monstrously evil rape victims are seen as a deadly menace by their rapists who glorify in their crimes by convincing innocent people it was all about love.

After suffering massive slaughter and near destruction of their nation, North Korea has experienced a generation of something the infantile and brain dead refer to as “war games” being conducted off their shores, foreign armies patrolling their borders, and an endless american propaganda barrage about evil rulers, despotic regimes and malevolent threats to our benevolent society that operates for the good of all humanity, while leaving more than half a million of its people living in the street as it lavishes trillions of dollars on war,  billions of dollars on its richest minority and its millions of pets, and righteously screams about injustice , menace and a threatening smell coming from everywhere else while paying no attention to the moral sewage and diseased stench emanating from its financial market place, its military industrial complex and its degenerate diet of fossil fuel .

Is this a great democracy or what?

North Korea represents a threat to Americans the way any would-be, might-be or wanna-be murderer, rapist, burglar or thief would represent a threat to Americans. Get the hell out of Korean waters and away from Korean borders with our military and such a threat will not only vanish from the propaganda encrusted minds into which it has been drilled, but from the material world as well. All the rest is political, economic, racist filth that could lead to not only even worse destruction of that nation than we performed on it in the past, but the reduction of america to a pile of ashes and human misery also worse than we once inflicted on an innocent people who never did anything harmful to any of us.

It is not only time to bring the AIC under control, but far more important, the political economic forces that created the atrocity we live by, and that he has assumed some responsibility to lead.

*Asshole In Chief

Monday, July 31, 2017

Unreconstructed Cold Warrior Chastises Liberals For Their Anti-Putin Fanaticism

". . . .hostility to Russia and hatred of Putin seem to exceed anything some of us remember from the worst days of the Cold War.

"Putin’s Russia is called imperialist, though Estonia, next door, which Russia could swallow in one gulp, has been free for 25 years.

"Russia invaded Georgia. Well, yes, after Georgia invaded the seceded province of South Ossetia and killed Russian peacekeepers.

"Russia has taken back Crimea from Ukraine. True, but only after a U.S.-backed coup in Kiev replaced the elected pro-Russian regime.

"Russia has intervened to back Bashar Assad in Syria. Yes, but only after our insurgent allies collaborated with al-Qaida and ISIS to bring him down. Is Russia not allowed to support an ally, recognized by the U.N., which provides its only naval base on the Med?

"Russia has meddled in our election (allegedly, -ed.) And we have meddled in the affairs of half a dozen nations with “color-coded revolutions.” The cry of “regime change!” may daily be heard in the U.S. Capitol.

"Putin is not Pope Francis. But he is not Stalin; he is not Hitler; he is not Mao; and Russia today is not the USSR. Putin is an autocrat (elected - ed.) cut from the same bolt of cloth as the Romanov czars.

"His cooperation is crucial to the peace of the world, the freedom of the Baltic States, an end to the Syrian civil war, tranquility in the Persian Gulf, and solving the North Korean crisis.

"While our tectonic plates may rub against one another, we are natural allies. The Russia of Tolstoy, Pushkin, Solzhenitsyn and the Orthodox Church belongs with the West.

"If America stumbles into a war with Russia that all our Cold War presidents avoided, the Russia baiters and Putin haters will be put in same circle of hell by history as the idiot war hawks of 1914 and the three blind men of Versailles in 1919."

------Pat Buchanan
"Russia Baiters and Putin Haters"

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Major Political Science Study Confirms: Large Majority of Americans Have "Little or No Influence" Over Their Government

"A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.

"Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. (italics added)The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic Elite-Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism . . . 

"A final point: even in a bivariate, descriptive sense, our evidence indicates that the responsiveness of the U.S. political system when the general public wants government action is severely limited. Because of the impediments to majority rule that were deliberately built into the U.S. political system - federalism, separation of powers, bicameralism - together with further impediments due to anti-majoritarian congressional rules and procedures, the system has a substantial status quo bias. (italics added)Thus when popular majorities favor the status quo, opposing a given policy change, they are likely to get their way; but when a majority - even a very large majority - of the public favors change, it is not likely to get what it wants. In our 1,779 policy cases, narrow pro-change majorities of the public got the policy changes they wanted only about 30 percent of the time. More strikingly, even overwhelmingly large pro-change majorities, with 80 percent of the public favoring a policy change, got that change only about 43 percent of the time. 

"In any case, normative advocates of populistic democracy may not be enthusiastic about democracy by coincidence, in which ordinary citizens get what they want from government only when they happen to agree with elites or interest groups that are really calling the shots. When push comes to shove, actual influence matters. 

------"Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens," Marten Gilens and Benjamin I. Page, 2014 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

America’s Trump, Not Trump’s America

“Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy rotten system.”

Dorothy Day

Strong words from a brave woman unknown to most Americans because her bravery and boldness didn’t just concern a minority group but all of humanity. She demanded radical change in a system and not just one or another representative to operate that system in a more beneficial way for her group. And the Catholic Worker, the organization she founded and led, operated on behalf of the poorest of americans while working to both help them and everyone else by advocating and working for radical social change of a system and not just its board of directors. She called a spade a spade, unlike most political leaders of her time and ours. They give euphemism a really bad name and are more likely to identify a spade as a club, hypocrisy as democracy, war as peace, and humans as a market.

Euphemism in words and phrases can be thoughtful when used to protect feelings, as in “he passed” rather than “he died”, but they can also be employed to hide truths for more malevolent purposes. Even when used in innocence or naivete, language softening or word substitution can be harmful in covering up material reality with labels as harmful as calling a bottle of arsenic a health drink.

The present near hysterical public mental state  brought about by a far worse material situation is a clear and dangerous case in point. Visiting a therapist to confront a psychological problem when one is actually suffering  a crippling physical disease could become fatal. Social assaults on physical reality  covered by language to make them seem personal problems more suited to therapy, meds or individual criminals can mask  the need for social transformation to end the illness before it kills far more than individuals but society itself.

A failing system is one that benefits fewer and fewer people while costing more and more and making the benefits enormous for the few and the costs almost beyond belief for the many. Thus American capitalism that rewards a tiny % of the population with incredible wealth while increasing numbers descend into poverty with larger numbers in danger of joining them the moment their credit is cut off. People rightfully concerned and demanding change can be herded into seeking criminals – some very likely – but miss the systemic root of the problem and so kept searching for villains and scapegoats when a social disease is what must be cured before the epidemic kills everyone while they’re kept busy lynching doctors, drug sellers and delivery crews.

Cancer is not a multi billion-dollar industry because of evil oncologists, mendacious pharmaceutical workers or greedy truck drivers. It is subject to the rules of a system dependent on the procurement of private profits at the market and as long as cancer treatment is a bigger profit maker than a cancer cure would be,  investors in treatment will prosper, the disease will increase in the population, and the cancer death rate will rise. 
We do not comfortably house tens of millions of our pets while hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens live in the street because we are nasty individuals but because the private profits available in sustaining those animals is greater than that of housing those humans. 
All of us, whether accepting or hiding behind labels like liberal, conservative, democratic, republican, of color, no color, straight, gay, bent, crooked or transpecies, are part of that system. We play roles at vastly different levels of power but we need to understand that value system which Dorothy Day passionately labeled filthy and rotten. And in a system in which my dog is deemed more profitable than your child, maybe words like filthy and rotten are euphemisms.

While it may seem easier to provoke dislike for a company CEO  or a political representative of supposed democracy who really stands for corporate capital, pursuit of such villains is often supported by the richest and most powerful dominators of the economic system who can thus focus attention away from themselves and be rid of some scapegoats while remaining the leading profiteers in the anti-democratic politics of capital.

The number of americans who sank into poverty went up by 8 million during the term of the last resident of the subsidized housing at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, but simply blaming that on him is as dumb as believing the "success" of the economy - for the rich and their professional servant class - was all his doing. Replacing a smooth talking figurehead parroting the usual lies with an outspoken clod who does the same but in more honest everyday language means nothing different except which minority will be doing well at the expense of a majority who will do worse.

Current obsession with Trump is a strong case in point of a misdirection in which an individual, however much his personality, character, intellect, or  coverage by media warrants concern, becomes a relative scapegoat for a system which is far more in need of “resistance” than this rich egomaniac. Trump is probably over-qualified to lead a nation nearing ruin due to its wealth, arrogance and global menace. We need to change the focus of the enterprise and not simply concentrate on who or what it employs as chief spokesperson for warfare, pet care and other things deemed more profitable than social justice, democracy and humanity.

Under capitalist market forces of private profit, public loss, individualism and dog eat dog competition, anti-democratic government is a subsidiary of ruling class wealth and acts against the interest of most of the people. This invites the kind of criticism from conservatives and liberals that says, understandably, get the damned government off my back, or, get it to support and work for me and not you.

In a truly democratic system government would be controlled by the people and act for public profit first, and there would be far less, if any, contradiction between it and the people. Whether we think of that as political democracy as opposed to political hypocrisy, or social as opposed to anti-social economics, we have neither now and that is the problem. We need both, which is the only solution.

Monday, July 17, 2017

James Madison Explains Why Minority Rule By The Rich Must Be Protected

"Such are the various pursuits of this life, that, in all civilized countries, the interest of a community will be divided. There will be debtors and creditors, and an unequal possession of property, and hence arise different views and different objects in government. This, indeed, is the ground-work of aristocracy; and we find it blended in every government, both ancient and modern. Even where titles have survived property, we discover the noble beggar, haughty and assuming.

"The man who is possessed of wealth, who lolls on his sofa, or rolls in his carriage, cannot judge of the wants or feelings of the day laborer. The government we mean to erect is intended to last for ages. The landed interest, at present, is prevalent; but, in process of time, when we approximate to the states and kingdoms of Europe; when the number of landholders shall be comparatively small, through the various means of trade and manufactures, will not the landed interest be overbalanced in future elections, and unless wisely provided against, what will become of your government? In England, at this day, if elections were open to all classes of people, the property of the landed proprietors would be insecure. An agrarian law (land redistribution, ed.) would soon take place. If these observations be just, our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. (italics added) The Senate, therefore, ought to be this body; and to answer these purposes they ought to have permanency and stability. Various have been the propositions; but my opinion is, the longer they continue in office, the better will these views be answered."

----------James Madison, 1787
Quoted in Noam Chomsky, Requiem For The American Dream, (Seven Stories, 2017)

Friday, June 30, 2017


Protect Your Pets
A New Treatment for Dogs Scared by Thunder and Fireworks
A new drug, Sileo, has been developed to help with canine noise phobia. But you play the key role in making your pet more comfortable.

Trump Charged With Rape, Sodomy, Female Abuse, Hate Crime and Holocaust Denial!


Trump Interrupts Call to Compliment Female Reporter’s ‘Nice Smile’


Establishment Neo-Lib-Cons Shocked, Call For Impeachment...





Syrian Warning Halted U.S. Nuclear Attack, Officials Say

White House Warning Halted Syria Chemical Attack, Officials Say

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, center, in Brussels last month. He said on Wednesday that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria “took the warning seriously.” Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
WASHINGTON — President Trump’s national security officials declared on Wednesday that a White House warning this week to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria had succeeded in stopping a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government.
“They didn’t do it,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters as he traveled to Belgium.

Monday, June 26, 2017

As Real As The Easter Bunny: The "Free Market" Delusion

We've all endlessly heard that the "free market" (formerly known as capitalism, before the system to which the term refers brought the label into widespread disrepute) is the only system consistent with "human nature," that is, that people allegedly act selfishly all the time. The only alternative to grotesque inequality under the "free market" is a Soviet-style dungeon state, which is no alternative at all, so stop complaining.

The main problem with this "analysis" is that there is no "free market," a myth that belongs up there with the tooth fairy in terms of its (lack of) substance . . . The U.S. did not develop its economy according to "free market" prescriptions. It developed the way every other developed country did - by radically violating free market prescriptions and using state power to protect its fledgling industries until they were strong enough to stand on their own . . . Anyone think we could have become a superpower by selling fish and fur on the "free market"? The only places close to "free market" conditions are Third world basket cases . . . Communism is another story, basically state-run capitalism, which developed faster in both China and the former USSR than in any "capitalist" country, but which obliterated personal liberty. Anyway, it should be obvious that in the era of "too big to fail" enterprises there is no "free market." The profitability of the big banks is directly tied to their guaranteed taxpayer bailout. So for you believers in the tooth fairy free market, stop being so gullible!

Furthermore, the idea that everyone acts selfishly all the time is just another pile of steaming bullshit promoted endlessly by "too big to fail" enterprises sucking on the tit of the Nanny State while praising themselves for "rugged individualism." If it were true, parents would steal food off their children's plates in order to "get the advantage" on their weaker competition. But how many parents act that way?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Islamophobic Neo-Cons, Russophobic Neo-Libs: USA! USA!

All of us are potentially endangered by those driven to violent acts called hate crimes when committed by individuals,  but social acts of hatred and depravity are much greater threats and exclude none, no matter where we live or what moral, spiritual or market values we entertain.

Still reeling from recent bloody terrorist attacks in societies in which most people were previously shielded from retaliation for the horrendous violence they performed on foreigners, the world faces an even greater threat from an empire falling from global domination while its minority controllers manipulate their people into accepting behaviors which would call for clinical isolation or solitary prison confinement if practiced by an individual. The continued forcing of more citizens into an alleged asylum of near dementia endangers far more than what some of us call “our” democracy.

This manic state in which a minority believe themselves controllers of their nation’s material life has existed since America’s electoral origins, but we have always been under the domination of the wealthiest minority in the country and the national democracy thought to be “ours” by so many has never included a majority of our people. Even the most rudimentary understanding of arithmetic  - let alone history – reveals this fact without necessity for a degree in mathematics. In fact, any schmuck with a calculator can do the math.

There has never been a presidential election in the history of the USA in which a majority of the electorate chose the winning representative of minority capital. And most recently, while millions held their noses to cover the stench of voting for the despicable or the deplorable lesser evil offerings, far more voted for neither. 231 million Americans are deemed part of the electorate, which means being 18 and older and with enough mental capacity to select burgers, pizza, guns, tacos, pet food or political candidates at the market. If we can afford them. Of that number, more than 165 million chose neither the republicrat nor the demublican. That’s far more than double those exercising the alleged power of the majority and voting, as usual, in the minority.

Our alleged political democracy is even less so than our economy, which is really a dictatorship of a tiny minority. In fact, it’s even worse since all of us are forced into the economy and cannot choose to opt out, like voters, while its control falls to an even smaller cabal than the one running the political system. They are part of the same anti-democratic minority that dominates politics, but there is a bit more room for small entrepreneurs to get a foot in the door of economics than is possible in politics. There are very few gourmet-taco-street vendor political parties and those radical minorities choosing to contest for the presidency and national offices are given as much chance by the system as a mom and pop store has going up against Amazon or Wal-Mart.

The breakdown of the political economic system has been in process for hundreds of years, decades, or the past few months, depending on the consciousness and vocabulary of the critic, and has become so much more serious that minority ownership, and thus a major part of the manipulated-by-media public, is reduced to wondering which boogie man – Putin? Trump? Napoleon? – is to be blamed for the state of collapse. Thus the frenzy to impeach the rich, arrogant clod who got to the white house despite established power’s desire not to have him there. They first got rid of the potentially democratic menace of Bernie Sanders but were not equal to the task of dumping an even greater threat from one of their own whose arrogant and ignorant honesty strips the cosmetic fa├žade from the ugliness of so much reality. The social disease revealed is too much for those who must label him a pathological liar because they cannot, refuse to, or are incapable of facing reality. This egotistical fool may well be the most honest resident we’ve ever had at the public housing we call the white house and that honesty is partly why established power views him as danger because he neither minces capital’s words nor even tries to cover up its horror with the usual political double talk that calls bloody murder peace and blatant dishonesty the truth.

Trump’s victory is making a mockery of the fiction of American leadership in morality, which serves as euphemistic foundation for the empire’s bloody horrors of mass murder and national destruction performed while calling itself global director of ethical culture and insisting the rest of the world follow its immoral lead. And getting even the previously thoughtful among its home population buying into the most inane explanations for why their world – the one called “our” democracy – is in a state of near collapse. It supposedly has everything to do with foreign intervention in “our” multi billion-dollar democratic process. You know, the one that reduces half a million citizens to living in the street while we moan about Trump’s sexism, or reduces 20% of our children to lives of poverty while we visit therapists to discuss our depression over Trump’s xenophobia, or stresses out a population that can afford to go into debt for luxury goods while most americans are in debt in order to survive. You know, that massive dysfunctional family that worships weapons, cosmetics and pets while nearly half its population is low income or poor? The one that’s saving refugees escaping wars we organize, finance, start, and perpetuate? It’s as though the people on the Titanic were at each other’s throats to get a new captain for the sinking ship. Maybe an African American transsexual Jew could keep it afloat? If a savior captain isn’t available, maybe some toilets shared by the crew and the paying guests will do the trick? One thing’s for sure: once we get rid of the Russians, the Koreans, the Iranians, the Palestinians, the Chinese, and much of South America and especially this captain, the boat will rise to the heavens and everything will be just fine.

America has become an even dumber reality show than the one that helped put this president in charge of the circus. Further comic relief from TV and cartoonist clowns won’t help. We need a transformation of our political economy that starts from the roots of the problem. They have to do with our origins, our history and our behavior, not those of particular CEOs of capital’s national corporation, and very little if anything to do with any foreign nation. If we’re even mildly serious about a threat being marketed as Climate Change, we’d better stop listening to the people responsible for it who offer toothless reforms like the Paris Accords, and work for the radical and revolutionary political and economic change we need to solve not only that long range problem, but far more short term ones that threaten us right now.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Twit: a foolish, contemptible little person*

Like the kind of pampered twits with nothing better to do than not only read but attempt analysis of our super twit president’s tweets to his audience of buffoon twits in the liberal media establishment.

Legalienate visited an intellectual monastery  - where people still listen to radio soap operas and watch re-runs of captain kangaroo  - in order to consult with ivory tower dwelling academic experts on hidden truths poorly understood by operators of college taught artificial intelligence to learn the hidden story behind the tales being told by media mythologists of the moment.

Here is the actual meaning of Trump’s:
Mysterious (to morons)
Coded (to morons)
Cryptic (to morons)
Inexplicable (to morons) term “covfefe”:

It is a mystifying, baffling, peculiar, puzzling expression from ancient Aramaic Egyptian Serbo-Croatian moneylenders and means:

 “ A  huge, big, great , tremendous deal created only  for  super assholes ”

* Webster’s new world dictionary, second college edition

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Impeach Ignorance

The plan to impeach Trump, which existed even before he was elected –just in case – and has been operational since then, has now approached action nearing national hysteria. What Putin politely called “American schizophrenia” is really making an institutionalized homicidal schizophrenic seem mentally healthy by comparison. The nation is not only hearing voices, of disinformation and lies, but moving closer to breakdown with the unending pressure of repetition to the point that even what passes for an American left is waving the loony banner of the impeachment-lynching party, as ever believing a politics more liberal than the American nazi party qualifies as civil libertarian social justice seeking.

Russia has resumed a position of menace to America’s rulers since it recovered from its crippled condition under unleashed oligarchs who brought the country close to ruin. Putin’s leadership played a major role in saving Russia Inc. Though this may seem a late breaking bulletin to America’s most primitive conservatives and liberals who still  think “evil” commies rule the “evil” empire, the nation has been “evil” capitalist for quite some time now. With all the horrors of private-profit-first economics, its greediest practitioners were reigned in by Putin and Russia’s relatively enlightened capitalists – not an oxymoron, as such used to rule the USA during what was called the New Deal – are now in control and the nation moved back from the edge of collapse to become a renewed great power.

The new balance in global capitalism, with China, Russia and smaller but growing-in-influence nations like Iran assuming much greater roles, has ruling dominators of the old imperial order in a panic. This is the major reason (?) behind all the present irrational behavior, though near idiotic tales like those of Trump’s personal misogyny – seemingly beyond his stupid wife, ignorant daughter and all the dumb broads who work for him - are repeated by those ignorant of a multi billion dollar American pornography industry in which the “money” shots are of men ejaculating in women’s faces. And their children watch these on their cell phones, but don’t hang by your lip waiting for an outraged woman’s march on Hollywood, where the industry is centered. After all, the female objectified ejaculatees are paid more than the male objectified ejaculators in these “art” films.

The dominance of a warfare state of mind and behavior will keep the massive profits of the military industrial complex safe while maintaining hold of an economy that has millions of citizens totally dependent on war even if they truly want peace. The lack of a radical movement to transform anti-democratic capitalism into something that has never existed before, a political economy that puts people before profits, has led to a far more powerful rightist move to challenge minority injustice before it destroys more of us, if not all of us. The reactionary element has led to strengthening lesser evil politics that maintain the treating of earth and its people as commodities dependent on a totalitarian entity called market forces. This material substitute for spiritual explanations has brought great benefit to hundreds of millions while reducing billions to poverty, despair and death. As under feudal or slave systems, minorities benefit at the costly suppression of majorities but with greater luxury available under market capitalism since financial wealth and postponed payments through debt, creations slightly less nebulous than spirituality, enable the production of more comfortable professional and middle classes in the profit centers, while greatly increasing the necessary losses to balance those profits in the outlying provinces:

 Most of the planet and its people.

Though there is far more reality on cartoon serials like the Simpsons, Family Guy or Bob’s Burgers than on any of the surreal commercial trash so named, Trump’s egotistical, arrogant personality and stardom on something called “reality TV” introduced him to even larger fame than his wealth and ego had already bought. His honest, brash ignorance as opposed to the usual political dishonesty that passes for knowledge among the standard employees of capital in government endeared him to millions of voters who never encountered such bold if sometimes bordering on half-witted criticism of the system. This very quality terrified the established powers of both corporate parties and media as a rude, straight talking egotistical slob threatened to reveal the actual face, mind and substance of a system destroying more lives and ecology by the minute while lulling public consciousness with what John Lennon once called being “doped by religion and sex and TV”. Despite establishment criticism of his sentence structure and manners, which conversely helped his candidacy, more than 60 million Americans voted for him. But they are dismissed by official power as simpletons, deplorables, racists, misogynists, and other collegially accepted hate labels driven into the minds of followers of the most surreal TV of all –corporate news – and thus deemed acceptable by people formerly claiming civil justice, humanitarianism and diversity as watchwords.

Thus, the rich, honest, college educated, obnoxious pinhead president vs. the richer, dishonest, college owning pinheaded rulers has brought us to the present situation, called by some mind managers a, if not the, major crisis in our histry by people who haven’t noticed hundreds of thousands of americans living in the streets, millions of american children living in poverty, and tens of millions of people in the middle east suffering slaughter and national destruction since long before the pinhead took up residence in the subsidized housing at corporate headquarters.

The charges based on no revealed evidence of anything so ridiculous as president Trump disclosing “classified information’ to Russians are even dumber than the allegations with equally absent evidence that Syria used chemical warfare on its people. And that charge years after liberal stalwart senator Kerry revealed that all Syria’s chemical weapons were gone. Perhaps he will also be charged with treason by those claiming we’ve all been endangered by Russians interfering in our great democracy, especially those who’ve never noticed the Israeli lobby’s ownership of large parts of congress and several rooms at the 1600 Pennsylvania avenue housing project. Daring to act as though Russians were not our deadly enemies is a crime in this environment and if ever there were a need for radical change in the environment, now is the time, before we all choke on the poison being forced down our throats and succumb to the garbage being put into our heads. Resist consciousness control, radically transform our political economics and get off the  impeachment craze that could bring on a near  if not real civil war.

Capitalist, Democratic Socialist, Communist - What Does It All Mean?

Michael Smith
Michael Smith Self-destruction is not an "excess" of capitalism, it is the very essence of the system. No real socialist can "still" be a capitalist, any more than a feminist can still be a male supremacist. Inasmuch as socialism refers to a worker-controlled society,"democratic socialist" is simply a redundant term. People who call themselves by that name are usually democratic capitalists, which is ultimately a contradictory term, however helpful New Deal style ameliorative measures prove to be. Bolshevism muddied the picture by calling itself socialist when in fact it was state controlled capitalism (the workers were never in control). The best way out of this terminological swamp is to call capitalists "anti-socialists," since the system is anti-social to the core, and anti-capitalists "socialists."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Double Standards R Us

One in a Series

After being vilified as a Satan by neo-liberals for allegedly costing their anointed one the election – this was before Putin was appointed Greater Satan – the former FBI Director is sanctified by neo-liberals as martyr to the cause of justice and democracy. This continues an American tradition born the day European immigrants began making this country great by taking it from its original inhabitants who were foolishly trying to live with nature instead of dominating it for profits.

Immediate comparisons were made to the past Nixon era when a government official said to be getting too close to the truth was dumped and the event was dubbed a “Saturday Night Massacre” by political/media thought and language abusers. This past verbal rape may have helped not having this event called the “Tuesday Night Holocaust”, though potential lawsuits concerning copyright infringement may have also played a role. 

Still, a political event almost to be expected from a new regime which doesn’t seem to care or possibly understand how its every act, no matter how stupid, well intentioned, thoughtless or sincere will be treated as potential for doom among our military-prison-industrial complex of employees socialized to care for identity groups, foreigners and pets more thoughtfully than many of their fellow citizens. This, while the political economics of private profit capitalism bring all the world closer to a debacle that could make what was called the Great Depression seem a minor event.

Good people are programmed to accept absolute fictional nonsense as material reality and rise up in arms against things labeled “hard” left – in other places, since even a soft left is still in formation in the USA – and a much larger movement in the rest of the world called a “hard” right. The somewhat “soft” center, advertised as what people of reason and good grooming should support, and maintained by practice of massive military and murderous weaponry to make the bloodiest tyrant of the past weep at the power available to alleged democracies of the present, continues sinking while many it threatens to drown cheer its every victory.

Thus, in France an agent of global capital’s board of governors who supports a continued austerity regime extending the hours and years workers must toil in order to survive is applauded by professional class innocents lead to believe his “hard” right opposition, part and parcel of the same system though representing groups even more powerless than the cheering section, was a threat to their temporary affluence.

Here, in the once ruling but presently fading headquarters of global capital, a seeming “hard” right billionaire was able to win the vote in a corrupt electoral system originated and kept that way for generations to maintain the power and domination of wealth while decent people are taught to believe their ability to rent and incur debt is somehow ownership and democracy.

Since the rich clown assumed the CEO position at Circus Central, contrary to all the dictates of the circus owners, the plan to impeach him began almost immediately. And his continued holding of the office does promise to do the company quicker harm than might have been previously the case, though for the good of the planet the quicker the American disease takes its toll on the least number among our people, the better for the greatest number. But that’s still looking at humanity instead of private profit, and neither Trump nor his enemies see, hear, think or believe anything but that dollar religion, with its priests, rabbis, shamans, gurus, imams, shrinks and other mental workers to keep minds occupied with things egoist or ephemeral in order to stay away from the social and substantial.

So, get ready for more gibberish about Russia in revival of past mental abuse over Communism – are you now or have you ever spoken to a Russian? - and a spectacle to make Trump’s dumb reality TV show fame seem possibly brilliant by comparison to a nation  sinking in petroleum, chemical and dog waste while complaining about the stench in Syria, Iran, North Korea and other places which are none of our business.
Especially considering that our business should involve the hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans and millions of American children living in poverty.

In fact, among the polls taken every few seconds to check what Americans are buying, how often they buy it, how many immigrants they employ and how much they hate president Trump, homeless people were asked how they felt about Comey being fired.

The overwhelming response was: who?